Keyboard Shortcuts (Access Keys)

This website includes integrated keyboard shortcuts, known as Access Keys, to allow quick access to pages and provide quick and easy navigation for users without a mouse.

The keyboard shortcuts can be used from any page in the site and are listed below:

  • S = Skip Navigation
  • T = Text Only
  • 0 = Accessibility
  • 1 = Home
  • 2 = About the RNRS
  • 3 = Site Map
  • 6 = Renew Membership
  • 7 = Join the RNRS
  • 8 = Privacy Policy
  • 9 = Contact Us
  • G = About the Garden
  • M = About RNRS Membership
  • E = Events
  • N = News and Press Releases
  • C = Children's Corner
  • P = Links
  • R = RNRS Members Home Page (RNRS Members' Only)
  • Z = RNRS Magazine (RNRS Members' Only)
  • X = Monthly Communications (RNRS Members' Only)
  • Q = Rose FAQs and Advice (RNRS Members' Only)
  • F = Growing Tips (RNRS Members' Only)
  • K = Latest Roses & Trials (RNRS Members' Only)
  • W = Award Winners (RNRS Members' Only)
  • H = Historic Roses Group (RNRS Members' Only)
  • A = Manage your Account (RNRS Members' Only)
  • L = Log Out of the Members' Area (RNRS Members' Only)

To use these access keys follow the instructions below:

Microsoft Internet Explorer: press 'Alt' and letter, then press enter.
Netscape: press 'Alt' and letter at the same time
Mozilla: press 'Alt' and letter at the same time
Apple Mac's: Microsoft Internet Explorer - hold down 'Control' key and then press letter

Text Only Version

For high contrast viewing this web site is available in a text only version. To switch to the text only version now, click on the text only link below.

Text Only Version

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