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 Wouldn't it be good if roses really glowed like this?  Maybe one day they will but for now there are not any natural flashing roses!  They do do some incredible things though!


For one thing they feed our birds in the summer and in the winter!  In the summer roses are often attacked by green-fly, many small horrid little insect pests gather all together around the flower buds of the roses ond on the baby leaves.  Birds really enjoy eating these tasty little grubs.  Just choose a rose that has greenfly (an adult will help you...but ask nicely) and one day sit very still and watch.  See how many birds you see eating a dinner of green fly.  

Did you know that many roses grow seeds?  These are in the little (or sometimes big) red berries you sometimes see on roses in the winter.  When it's cold birds love to eat the soft part of these berries. 


There are some birds though that you just don't see feeding on roses!

Yes butterflies and bees love roses too!


Like the aphids there are other animals that like roses. From tiny insects to bigger four legged animals!  See if you can make a list of insects and animals that like roses? 


Roses are very pretty flowers so we have decided to set you a task to draw a rose for this page of the web-site! That's what Daffy Duck is trying to do with his paints! We will use it right at the top of the page!  We can't promise it will be here forever, we hope to give lots of you clever artists the chance to have your picture here.

So, if you are 12 or under, using pencils crayons or anything you can find, do your drawing on a piece of A4 paper (an adult will tell you what size that is) and send it either by e-mail to   or post it to Amanda c/o Peter Beales Roses, London Road, Attleborough, Norfolk, NR17 1AY.  We will do our best to return your picture to you and we will need to know if you are happy to have your name and postal town published by it!  Happy drawing!


 If you would like any particular features in the future, please do not hesitate to email us at  and we will do our best to keep this page full with items that you have requested.

Below we have composed a wordsearch, see how many words you can find!  Good luck!

Gardens of the Rose Wordsearch

Gardens of the Rose Wordsearch

Important note – please make sure you have an adults permission to enter the art competition.