13 September 2010 – PLANNING REFUSAL for the RNRS Gardens of the Rose – Back to the drawing board

Position as off September 2010


Unfortunately the RNRS has been refused its temporary Car Park planning application on the following grounds:




Use of land for temporary car park for visitors

The Gardens Of The Rose Chiswell Green Lane St Albans


In the pursuance of their powers under the above-mentioned Act and the Orders and Regulations for the time being in force thereunder, the Council hereby refuse the development proposed by you in your application dated and received with sufficient particulars on 17/06/2010 and shown on the attached plan(s) for the following reasons:-


1. The site is within the Metropolitan Green Belt in the St Albans District Local Plan Review 1994 wherein permission will only be given for erection of new buildings or the use of existing buildings or land for agricultural, other essential purposes appropriate to a rural area or small scale facilities for participatory sport or recreation. The proposed development is an inappropriate use within the Green Belt and would be harmful to the open character and visual amenity of the metropolitan Green Belt which is unacceptable in terms of Policy 1 of the St. Albans District Local Plan Review 1994 and Planning Policy Guidance PPG2 (Green Belts). The proposed development cannot be justified in terms of the purposes specified and no exceptional circumstances are apparent in this case


2. The proposal on this prominent hiltop site in an open rural Metropolitan Green belt locality would have a severe adverse visual impact on the locality with a consequential adverse effect on the quality of the landscape and general environment and the opportunity for meaningful screening and landscaping, contrary to the provisions of Policy 74 (Landscaping and Tree preservation.) and Policy 143A (Watling Chase Community Forest) of the St Albans District Local Plan Review 1994


3. The proposal would involve an increase in vehicular activity and intensity of use along the substandard rural Chiswell Green Lane to the detriment of the interests of highway safety and the free flow of traffic. It would also be likely to have a consequential adverse environmental impact on the residential amenity of residents along the lane against the background of developing a specific new access road and car park off Noke Lane for the benefit of visitors to both Butterfly World and the Gardens of the Rose. The proposal would conflict with the provisions of Policy 34 (Highway Considerations in Development Control) of the St Albans District Local Plan Review 1994

 As you can appreciate the RNRS are extremely disappointed in the decision and are currently looking at our options with our legal & planning advisors. If members should wish to access the web cast of the meeting you can access via the St Albans City & District Council - Planning Section - makes interesting if not frustrating viewing.




Position as off May 2010.


The RNRS have applied for its own car parking facilities - this has been a difficult decision for the Society to make but to continue with the uncertainty of not having a dedicated car park is not viable.

The planning application consists of space for 100 vehicles for a 4 month period  June - September. We have applied for a minimum of 10 years - if we can secure this application it will mean that the Society can build a sustainable business plan for our future.

We expect a decision by the 16th August 2010 - we would urge members and non members to write to St Albans City & District Council in support of the application - their contact details are below;

St Albans City & District Council, Planning Department, Civic Centre, St Peters Street, St Albans, Hertfordshire, AL1 3JE

Planning Officer - Alan Moorhouse

Application number - 5/2010/1118