11 June 2011 – New Mayor of St Albans – Opens Gardens of the Rose for 2011 Season

The new  Mayor of St Albans opened the Gardens on Saturday 11th June at 11am. The Mayor was greeted by our President Rod Petty, Deputy President Bernard Williams, Trustees Penny Morgan & John Adkins along with Bernhard Mehring , Andy Godly, Anna & myself. She spent just over two & a half hours with us, she was delighted to be presented by Florence Tatlock – Anna’s 4-year-old granddaughter & daughter of Julian Tatlock who further enhanced the design of the Garden in 2009, which we are now reaping the benefits off. The Mayor remembered visiting the garden many years before with her Grandmother who loved Roses and certainly the new Mayor would appear to share that love she was more than happy to go round virtually the entire Garden came back for a light lunch & cream tea of course and then headed of to the Trial grounds with Bernard Mehring before departing.