3 March 2006 – Pergola donated

Classic Garden Elements of Germany design and manufacture a brilliant range of traditional climbing structures for roses, probably among the best if not the very best currently available. Not only are they attractive structures in their own right they make stunning back drops for the roses that are trained against them, together the roses and the structures combine to magical effect.

What’s more they are strong, very very strong and are proven to stand up to the changeable elements of the weather that tests them continually.

The Society should feel indebted to Johannes Dietrich and his team at Classic Garden Elements who have most generously sponsored and contributed many of these fine structures for our new and unique garden. Without his gift the garden would lack that extra dimension of height and structure, a dimension that is extremely important in any Rosarium and especially in one that occupies such a large area of garden as the Royal National Rose Society Gardens.

Included in his gift are fourteen traditional obelisks for the President’s Walk, four pillar rose supports and another ten obelisks for the straight walk that is soon to exist in the garden. Most importantly though, the garden is to receive an exciting and awe inspiring Central Pergola. This 70 metres long (230 feet), elliptically shaped Central Pergola will certainly be one of the focal points of the new garden and a feature that will, without doubt, be talked about often by those who visit over years to come.

To appreciate and learn more about these and other structures created by Classic Garden Elements available to the UK please visit

Johannes Dietrich and Ann Bird sign the contract for the Pergola

And begins to take shape!